Whats so good about a Schüller kitchen?

Schuller whilst still being family run are one of the largest Kitchen manufacturers in Europe exporting all over the World. The Factory spans a huge area, which is constantly growing having used surrounding land owned by the Schuller family.

German Quality

Huge investment has taken place over the years in a hi-tech manufacturing process which sees much of the production taken place by robots that work to tolerances more at home in the air craft industry. There is a high emphasise on designing a product that lasts.

The analogy - If you could have a Mercedes for the same cost as a Vauxhall which would you have?

Attention to detail

If something can't be produced to a very high standard Schuller simply do not make it.

Quality control

Whilst there is a high reliance on automation during the manufacturing process, real people still check everything meticulously. Each door is hand checked before entering the production line and every kitchen completes multi point checks then are very well packaged and leave the factory in the Schullers own new fleet of trucks.


In our 20 years in business we have never dealt with a company that has so few damages and items missing on delivery to the customer.

Why fitters and installers love Schuller Kitchens

There are significant savings available to you by us keeping our service to supply only. We only do this with Schuller kitchens as they are so fitter ready:

1. Every order is checked and confirmed to us by highly trained order processors In Germany.

2. It goes without saying that all units come as complete furniture and not flat packed. In addition all handles come predrilled and provided the order includes appliance model codes, the housing and doors are purpose made to each appliance. Plinths, trims and panels come cut to size to suit your specific kitchen with scribing and trimming allowed for.

A Schuller kitchen goes together like a dream so whilst we recommend using an experienced fitter, it is easy to fit to a fantastic standard.