Schüller quality

Longevity and stability - real quality comes from within...

The quality characteristics of the base unit at a glance:

1. Solid wood cross-bars for high stability.

2. Recessed back panels for air circulation between wall and kitchen furniture - important for long life of components and furniture.

3. Screwed back panels are also glued to the sidewall for high stability, no clacking sounds.

4. Back panel coated on both sides against warping.

5. Plinth with plastic tube sealing profile for floor contact.

6. Adjustable base unit height with four variable plinth feet per unit module.


The advantages of the wall units at a glance:

1. Stable, covered suspension hinges
The doors close even softer with the gentle and quiet damping system.

2. Shelves 19 mm thick, perfectly arrested
They really persist: Shelves made of 19 mm thick material carry big plates, bowls and tableware without any difficulty. There is no sagging or distortion. Precisely locked by assembly pins the shelf is even and securely fixed, but quickly removed if needed, for example for cleaning.

3. Glass shelves made of 5 mm security glass
Glass is highly filigree, but it is extremely resistant and stable in this kind of security design. The glass plate lies slip-resistant on the rubber support.

4. Optional - glass shelves with lighting
The indirect lighting impressively restages the contents of the wall unit, creating a pleasant room atmosphere and providing an optimum illumination of the recess space.

5. All-metal clip hinges
These reliable, rugged clip hinges keep the kitchen unit doors perfectly in position for years. During assembly the door is fixed with the clip system and then it is very precisely adjusted for optimum opening and closing. At the same time the clip hinge keeps the door ideally shut.



Ambitious technical solutions for the perfect storage space use
-The drawer and pull-out systems

1. Motion self-closing and damping system All drawers are equipped with self-closing damping Motion. The self-closing drawer closes gently and softly within the last 3-5 cm thus ensuring closeness in the final position.

2. Pull-outs in different heights and several variants In the kitchen space is particularly valuable. In order to use every available space perfectly, from cutlery to large pots, we have introduced a 130 grid-system: Drawers and pull-outs with 130 mm, 260 mm and 390 mm height.

3. Double-wall drawer side, hidden runners Double-wall steel drawer side provides high capacity and stability. The fully hidden runner slides easily and quietly with a carriage system of high- quality plastic. The full pull-out allows access into all areas.

4. Glass boxside In the new glass boxside-look the side parts of the pull-outs give a generous and elegant impression. The calendered glass in combination with metal provides a noble, perfect ending on the side.

5. The drawers are available in a large variety of equipment systems Easily accessible, ready for immediate use and well-tidied up - this is how the contents of the drawers present themselves. The intelligent, variable organization system manages