We like to work with you to get your layout right, however there is no need to panic if you are a little unsure about the detail before placing the order. Our comprehensive order process will allow for extensive checking prior to your order being closed for production by Schuller.

To action an order we will require a 25% deposit. You can make payment by most methods but typically credit or debit card is taken in the showroom or over the phone.


Credit rating

We have an exceptional credit rating for the Kitchen Industry and have no bank borrowings whatsoever. Never the less by placing an order using a credit card by law you should be protected against losing a deposit to a retailer ceasing to trade.

Further payment is not required until delivery at which point you will be seeing and taking over possession of the goods. We accept all forms of cleared funds as well as debit cards, these are commonly used to be phoned through by our drivers when they deliver. Regrettably, there is a surcharge for credit card payments of 2% on all balance payments

Once you have paid a deposit we will send your order to Schuller. Soon after your order will be confirmed which will give us the first indication of the delivery date. The order is processed by Schullers’ own highly trained order processors, which quite frankly are brilliant. They will flag up any issues and queries with the order and in most cases we can clear these without coming back to you.

Upon receipt of the processed order we will then prepare detailed paperwork suitable for the installation of your kitchen. Using our extensive experience we will guide you through areas that we recommend to be checked on site. This paperwork will be provided with a cut off date of usually around 5 days in which any minor changes that are required to suit site measurements established by yourself/your fitter, can be requested to be changed on the order. We aim to be as accommodating as possible and cost changes as per the original pricing structure. However, at this stage both a considerable amount of work has been processed by Schuller and Price My Kitchen, therefore major changes and redesigns whilst possible may attract an extra charge.

All changes after the cut off date will need to be considered as an extra charge in addition to the existing layout and items.


The paperwork for you to check will also include a delivery date, usually based on the week after the latest delivery date to us from Schuller. This is usually 5 to 6 weeks from placing the order with Price My Kitchen.

Schuller work on a two week delivery window. We will be advised of a delivery date to us, a week to two weeks before the window, This is often earlier in the fortnight rather than later, however this is not confirmed until 1-2 weeks before. Therefore should you require an earlier delivery date we will accommodate as best we can based on the information we receive from Schuller.

Unfortunately we have no influence on the delivery information received from Schuller, but more often than not the kitchens arrive earlier in the fortnight delivery window, therefore should you require an earlier delivery date we will try to accommodate this as best we can.

Once your Kitchen is delivered

We get very few damaged or missing items but please ensure you to visibly check for evidence of damaged packaging whilst the drivers are on site. You then have a formal period of 48 hours in which to report any damaged goods or missing items. Schuller and ourselves are reasonable and will always consider missing items on an individual basis. Please pay particular attention should you receive damaged goods, as fitters often damage items during installation and we will not be held responsible for anything reported outside of the 48 hour formal period.

What if we have an installation query?

Whilst you have opted for a simple supply only delivery our service extends to offering reasonable advice by email. The kitchen and appliances will come with a comprehensive fitting guide. Should a query arise we ask that you exhaust this avenue first before emailing us your question and we will endeavour to reply as quickly as possible.

Price My Kitchen is a relatively new part of Not Just Kitchen Ideas Ltd which has been trading for 20 years. It is proving to be very successful with customers being delighted their new kitchen, the Price My Kitchen process and the cost of their new Schuller kitchen.
We ask all customers if they can download finished pictures to our download section and also rate your experience via an email you will receive from Feefo, a verified feedback rating company.