How does work?

One of the requirements for almost any customer is wanting to know a rough idea of what it is likely to cost them for a new kitchen before looking into it any further. does not attempt to design your kitchen for you, instead it uses the space available, the units, appliances and accessories you wish to have, and calculates a realistic price based on this information.

Most companies provide an initial consultation free of charge, but many customers would prefer not to appear on a sales list for fear of being pestered into going ahead with a purchase. Sometimes just simply having a consultation to receive a quote can feel like you are wasting your time and the companies as you are not sure that you will actually purchase a new kitchen until you have an idea of the price.

How accurate is it?

The pricing catalogues from Schuller allow for massive choice and therefore certain assumptions are made about the exact size and style of some units in order to make the system work in a quick and easy manner. But the price it will generate will be close enough for you to find out how affordable a new Schuller German kitchen can be. All prices on this system and in the pricing catalogue follow the same format so if you should wish to take it to the next stage and us provide you with full designs, we will confirm with you if we should work within or below the calculated figure. In many cases a customer is so impressed with our pricing we are asked to focus on a design within a higher budget.

How can we be so competitive on price?

Price my Kitchen is based on supply only allowing costs to be kept down. If after using price my kitchen you then would like to take it further we would either need a drawing of your requirements or enough details and dimensions to come up with a proposal. On the whole this service is free but we reserve the right to consider preparing each proposal on its individual merits from the infomation and feedback you provide us. This way we can minimise design time and costs working with serious prospects and allowing us to keep our prices as low as possible.

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