C3 Handle-less

Specifics to the C3 Handleless Design

Schuller's Handle-less kitchens are without doubt the most in demand Kitchens at present. Offering that chic continuous look of running around the entire kitchen. This look is often imitated by many lower end manufacturers but almost always you will find each door is manufactured to have a handle shape in it (What's known as a J handle) that fits on to a normal standard unit.

Until very recently this type of Kitchen was only available at the highest level of kitchen price spectrum, however the C3 range offers extraordinary value

The Schuller Handleless Designs are superb high end kitchens with continuous handle rails fixed to a specially manufactured unit. Again these handles are specifically prepared to each kitchen and simply fit to the units as pre-sized lengths once the units are fitted to the wall.

When opting for a handle-less kitchen some limitations need to be considered due to the positioning of the rails.


There are three basic drawer configurations available:

2 Pan drawers

2 full pan drawers

1 Pan drawer

1 full pan drawer at the bottom and matching top front with drawer and internally accessible drawer.

1 Pan + 2 drawers

1 full pan drawer and 2 drawers split into two at the top.

3 drawers

Conventional drawer line units are not suitable for handle-less. A selection of internal drawer units is available instead.

Drawers are available in widths from 300mm to 1000mm and in most ranges 1200mm.

Tall units and appliance housings

Due to the handle running through the middle of the housing, the horizontal handle is not suitable for fridge housings, many oven housings and pull out units.

Pull out larder

Rail restricts possibility of full pull out larder, likewise if its a tall integrated fridge or fridge freezer the doors will not open.

As a solution to the problem the vertical channel system is used:

Vertical handle system