Doors and Finishes explained

Schuller have many interpretations of a similar kitchen to suit all budgets.

Pricing Groups start at Group Zero and go up to Group 9. Units retain exactly the same quality throughout.

C1 UK sized 715 base units with 150mm legs and 715 wall units (or used with C2 wall units) Working heights are slightly lower and C1 is often chosen to suit a customers height.

X2 handle-less. Same size specification as C1.

C2 Euro sized 780 base units with 100mm legs. In an average kitchen this extra size can add up to the space equal to an extra unit. The lower legs gives a more expensive appearance.

X3 handle-less. Same size specification as C2.

C2 and X3 also come with the addition of glass sided pan drawers.

Soft close door buffers are a option from Schuller @ Price my kitchen we include these in the price automatically.


A magnolia or white (slab) flat door kitchen comes in a number of different guises.



Group Zero NOVA is a laminate door with PVC edging close examination of the edges show what a fantastic job Schuller do of a PVC edged laminate door when compared with the typical UK alternative.

The surface of the NOVA is slightly textured and offers extraordinary value for money especially since its available in X1 and X2 Handle-less.

Nova gloss

Group 1 NOVA GLOSS is a gloss version of the above offering a great value entry point for a gloss kitchen


Group 2 FLAIR is a polymer front door more commonly known as Vinyl wrapped. Again the emphasise on quality is amazing. Close inspection of many foil wrap other doors shows a orange peel effect on the surface and the edges are susceptible to peeling. Schuller would not allow the possibility of this happening, hence only quality German foil is used and the top end machines to wrap and foil the MDF core of the door.

FLAIR is a smooth finish with a luxurious feel to the touch.

Veneto hi-gloss

Group 3 VENETEO HI GLOSS is the hi-gloss version of the above door and is available in multiple colours.

Please note: Polymer front doors are not available in X1and X2 handle-less.

Fino hi-gloss lacquered

Group 4 FINO HI GLOSS LACQUER is a spray painted finish and recognised as the most superior way of creating the ultimate hi-gloss finish often used in Black on high end grand pianos.

Fino is a new addition which gives the benefit of a lacquer finish but in group 4. This is made possible by the doors being made from large lacquered sheets and then edged the factory The quality of the edging is of course as you would expect from Schuller.

Biella matt textured lacquer

Group 5 BIELLA MATT TEXTURED LACQUERED using the same manufacturing process as the hi-gloss lacquered but using a slightly textured paint.

Biella and other doors that use matt textured paint offer the widest range of colours in the Schuller range. Biella doors are individually sprayed meaning that there is no edge.

Gala hi-gloss lacquered

Group 6 GALA HI GLOSS LACQUERED is the ultimate hi-gloss finish and is sprayed individually meaning there is no edge.


Group 6 MORA MATT SATIN LACQUERED is a matt finish with a very luxurious feel, again finished individually to order.

In addition to the different front options the same kitchen can be specified to suit different budgets depending on what is included in the design, very much like when you options are specified on a new BMW or Mercedes

The sides of the units can be specified to suit the quality of the door finish. The lower groups would normally have the standard matching carcass colour that is available at no extra charge and come in most popular colours.

Gloss colours are available with very modestly priced laminate gloss visible end s and panels.

Depending on colour laminate or Laminate gloss colours are suitable for the Lacquer finished, but you may like to pay the additional cost of finishing your kitchen off with matching sides and end panels to the exact finish lacquer of the door.